Australian native grasses are sought after by horse owners, trainers and breeders as a low sugar, low GI alternative and supplement to traditional diets. Common pasture grasses and hays are high in sugars such as glucose and fructose, and are increasingly being understood to contribute to health problems in horses. Diets too high in sugar lead to endocrine related diseases such as obesity, insulin resistance, laminitis, and behavioural issues.


Most native grasses are drought resistant, and many can tolerate lower nutrient, some saline and acidic soils. Managed appropriately, native grass can provide an ongoing source of healthy pasture grass, and hay for horse owners and managers.


Our Services:

·         Pasture Assessment and Consultation

·         Direct seeding of native grass pasture for pasture or hay production

·         Establishment, initial and/or ongoing management of native grass pasture

·         Native grass seed supply

·         Restoration of remnant native grass areas

·         Weed control of high fructose species

·         Revegetation of trees and shrubs