Native Grass Seed Production

Flora Victoria grows locally sourced native grass specifically for seed production. Our seed is certified so our clients can be assured of its quality, and our crops are managed carefully using irrigation and fertilizers where necessary. We have a collection of specialist equipment for harvesting and sowing native grass seed,  and the knowlege and experience we have accumulated over the last ten years to grow healthy weed free crops ensures that our seed and seeding services set the standards for our industry.



Flora Victoria grows 15 seed crops. Eleven contain single species, and four have a mix of up to five species that were originally harvested growing together naturally. The size of the seed production area is thirteen hectares.

Weed control in our crops never stops, even during the harvesting season. We have established our own weed control techniques that make large scale seed production possible, enabling us to sell seed at competitive prices.  We have developed our own harvesting and sowing equipment and are able to sow native grass seed more efficiently over large areas. Flora Victoria's committment to supplying the highest quality seed is our highest priority.




Harvesting from remnant vegetation can have many drawbacks. The inconsistent quality and volume of seed are only part of the problem. In the Melbourne area there is increasing competition between organisations to harvest the few remaining grassland remnants causing compaction, damage and removing a food source for local animal species. Although harvesting remnant grasslands is sometimes a preferable option, Flora Victoria has provided an alternative for land managers who care for our remnant grasslands. In our seed production area infrastructure like irrigation and rabbit proof fencing ensure a consistent supply of seed. Regular soil testing and treatment along with our intensive weed control, means our seed is not only of a consistent quality, it will not infect new sites with weeds.